Steve Eddolls

Equity Release Adviser

At work

Steve is our Equity Release expert.

His career began in IT, where he gained a wealth of experience spanning several industries including engineering, logistics, local government and insurance. Steve also worked as an overseas property agent before joining the Providus team.

Now a qualified mortgage and regulated Equity Release Adviser, Steve works exclusively with people aged 55 and older to help them achieve their goals and aspirations by using Equity Release to access the value tied up in their home.

Steve is passionate about helping people who want to release equity from their home to make the right decisions. His empathy and understanding mean that he takes the time to understand each and every one of our clients, working with them at their own pace.

At home

Outside work, Steve loves travel, socialising, cooking and keeping up with rugby and football.


  • Real ale
  • Cooking
  • Football


  • Weak coffee
  • Bad grammar (there, their, they’re)
  • Wet weather
  • Tony and Mary, South Woodford
    We are both retired with small pensions, our income is topped up with our two Buy-to-Let properties, but it doesn’t provide us with enough to give us the lifestyle we want and are able to enjoy. We decided our options were to downsize from the home we loved or sell one of our investment properties reducing our income. Someone suggested Equity Release and via a rental company we know we were contacted by Steve at Providus. Steve went through all the options and suggested we could raise funds from releasing equity on one of our buy-to-let properties to give us the funds we needed. This was an ideal solution as it gave us the money to improve our lifestyle and kept our Buy-to-Let portfolio and income intact with no debt on our home. A great solution for us and if we need additional funds in the future we can release equity from the second property. Well done Steve and Providus.
    Tony and Mary, South Woodford
    Clients since 2018
  • Michael and Ann, Wincanton
    We are both retired and recently moved to a lovely new home. We can survive from our pensions but want to be able to have holidays, go to the theatre, and have days out without always having to look at the cost. We approached Steve and Providus and met with him the following day. He took us through the various products and explained the benefit to us of a drawdown Lifetime Mortgage. This was the perfect fit for us and gave us the ability to draw some money down from time to time to pay for our extras to enjoy. He provided us with an illustration which showed us how the product would work for us over the term. The next day he gave us an even better illustration as the interest rates from the lender had gone down overnight. The whole process was painless, and we had our first lump sum within a record two weeks. We would highly recommend Providus.
    Michael and Ann, Wincanton
    Clients since 2018
  • Enid, Ilford
    When my husband died some years ago, I took out an Equity Release loan which was at a high rate of interest. I have two daughters who are my beneficiaries. Steve met with us one evening with the objective of finding a Lifetime Mortgage that would save us money in the long term. He explained the various products and researched the whole of the market and presented us with a Lifetime Mortgage that met our needs and saved my estate more than £100,000, including the costs of changing, over the original Equity Release term. Steve even found us a local independent solicitor that saved us several hundred pounds from the quote we had from our own solicitor. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Providus.
    Enid, Ilford
    A client since 2017
  • Alan and Jan, Colerne
    Steve made several personal visits in the run-up to our interest only mortgage coming to an end. He explained all the facts of a Lifetime Mortgage, the legal jargon and answered all our questions in plain English. He secured the best Lifetime Mortgage deal to tie in with the current mortgage ending, avoiding early repayment charges, and introduced us to a local independent solicitor to act for us. We now have no mortgage payments in retirement and an additional financial buffer. We would not hesitate to recommend Steve and Providus to anyone who wants a complete professional caring service.
    Alan and Jan, Colerne
    Clients since 2017
  • Joseph, Bath
    Steve has worked with me over a 12-month period while I find a new home, and nothing is too much trouble. I am retired having moved to Bath from London a few years ago. I have a very nice apartment in the city but want to upgrade to a house. I have no beneficiaries and need to raise some capital to enable me to buy my new home. I am quite particular, and the Bath housing market is very difficult; as soon as you find something you like it has already gone. I have now found a home and Steve has all the ‘ducks lined up’ to enable me to purchase it. We have had a few false starts and every time Steve has revisited the market to find me the best Lifetime Mortgage deal. I couldn’t wish for a more patient and personal service.
    Joseph, Bath
    A client since 2018
  • Chris and Sally, Crawley
    We are retired and recently returned to the UK from Australia having run a business and lived there for many years. We have modernised a beautiful home and have no beneficiaries. We wanted a holiday home in Spain and had found the ideal property but didn’t readily have the funds to purchase it. Steve came to our home several times and took us through the options of raising the funds against our UK home. He researched the market and found us a Lifetime Mortgage with the best fixed interest rate that would give us the amount we wanted. We had been back in the UK less than three years and there were a few issues with identity and proof of address, but Steve took this pain away and worked with the underwriters to resolve these issues contacting our solicitors in Australia. We now have a lovely holiday home in Spain thanks to Steve and Providus.
    Chris and Sally, Crawley
    Clients since 2017
  • James, Wanstead
    I first met with a company who seemed to be in a rush and wanted me to sign-up there and then. This put me off and I decided to research an alternative; I then came across Providus and Steve. I met with Steve for several hours and he had the patience to find out what I was really looking to achieve and worked with me at my own pace. I had to retire early through ill health and had a large house with a small interest-only mortgage that had reached its term. My son who was in a well-paid job lived with me and helped to pay the day-to-day costs. My aim was to pay off my mortgage, renovate, sell my house and move to a smaller property closer to my family. I also wanted to help my son with a contribution to a deposit for his own flat. Steve spent a lot of time with me and came up with the optimum solution of a Lifetime Mortgage that met all my needs. The most important was the fixed interest rate and the fixed early repayment charges that we factored in for the time when I was going to sell and move. Everything was understandable and transparent.
    James, Wanstead
    A client since 2017
  • Jennifer, Twickenham
    I have a nice house, a reasonable pension, but no real savings as such. I live close to my son and grandchildren who I see nearly every day since my husband died. My son has a growing family and he would either have to move or alternatively extend his house. Steve met my son and I and proposed a lifetime mortgage to gift to my son for his extension. The entire process was explained in simple terms and he sorted all the paperwork out. We had the money in four weeks. Nothing was too much trouble; my son works long hours and Steve was available for evening calls and even came to meet us before Neal started work. I would highly recommend Steve and Providus.
    Jennifer, Twickenham
    A client since 2018
  • David and Lydia, Epsom
    We had several enjoyable meetings with Steve, who took a lot of time in explaining Lifetime Mortgages and how it could help us. He also met with our son and was available to take calls on the weekends when we were meeting with our children. We have a beautiful home that we love and don’t want to move from. We are both retired but our pensions don’t seem to cover the modern day-to-day costs and we are eating into our savings regularly. Our children suggested that we look at a Lifetime Mortgage to enjoy life while we can, a change of cars, holidays, whilst also giving us a financial buffer and protecting our savings. Our children are fully supportive and thanks to Steve we can now do all these things with no worries. We have already recommended his services.
    David and Lydia, Epsom
    Clients since 2018
  • Charles and Liz, Cheltenham
    We had recently moved to a lovely townhouse in Cheltenham which needed renovating. Steve came to see us and took us through our options with our eldest son. He arranged a lifetime mortgage which gave us the funds we needed, provided a gift to our two sons and left us with a financial buffer. There were a few underwriting issues as Charles still ran a part-time business from home and as we had only moved into the house in the previous three months, for some reason there was an issue with Liz’s identity. Steve took these problems away and resolved them with the underwriters when we were just about to give up. Great service.
    Charles and Liz, Cheltenham
    Clients since 2016